[Dovecot] Courier-imap + dovecot simultaneously?

Philipp Wollermann philipp at igowo.de
Mon Apr 30 00:54:22 EEST 2007

Hello Charles,

Charles Marcus wrote:
>> The index files are my main concern. 
> Well, that and having two different servers reading from potentially 
> the same files/maildirs at the same time.
> Honestly, I just don't know enough about IMAP to know if there is 
> anything to worry about or not...
As far as I know, Maildir is implicitly locking safe and Dovecot handles 
it's index files very robust. If Postfix delivers a mail without using 
Dovecots deliver program, Dovecot also has to update its index files, so 
it shouldn't be a problem if Courier moves some mail around. Also it 
would only be a fair test if your tester is testing the servers one 
after the other and not simultaneously - you should tell him. So I don't 
think anything will get messed up, but you nevertheless don't want this 
type of setup for anything else than testing ;)


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