[Dovecot] New install on Ubuntu Fiesty 7.04

Philipp Wollermann philipp at igowo.de
Sun Apr 29 09:04:13 EEST 2007

Wade Smart wrote:
> I was able to login in via telnet like the tutorial said.
> In my Maildir/new I had 884 new messages.
> The tutorial said to access the Inbox, and I did and could.
> However, then my 884 messages were gone!!!
> I do not understand what the heck happened.
> Did I just loose all my messages?
Of course you created a backup before you tried a new IMAP server on 
your important e-mails. :) I don't think your messages are gone. What 
about using a mail client like Thunderbird to look into your mailbox 
instead of telnet? If they're still gone (and also on the file system 
level), I'd suggest looking at the logfile of dovecot to figure out why.


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