[Dovecot] Dovecot and horde issues

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Sat Apr 28 19:47:02 EEST 2007

John H. Bennett III writes:

> I am having difficulties trying to get the current stable version of  
> horde's imp webmail to work correctly using dovecot 1.0rc15.  I am  
> using a pre-release version of SME Server 8 which runs on top of  
> CentOS 5.  I have also tried using the 1.0 release of dovecot as well.

We have very simmilar problems to what you describe in pre 1.0 releases.
> What is happenning is that when I login to imp, I don't see any  
> folders.  I can create folders in imp which do get created in my  
> Maildir directory, but I can't see them.  If I revert back to  
> dovecot-0.99.14-1.2, then I am able to see my folders.

This this:
namespace private {
  separator = .
  prefix = INBOX.
  inbox = yes

Or some other simmilar setup in namespace.
That namespace setting we used for Courier compatibility so you may need to 
have it slightly different. However do check the namespace AND make sure to 
try this in the 1.0 Release.

We had on/off issues with some users until RC29.. Then upgraded to 1.0 when 
it was a week old and so far we are very happy with Dovecot.

Going to start migrating all our Courier servers to it. 

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