[Dovecot] simple questions

Nagyon Almos b17 at freemail.hu
Fri Apr 27 08:49:30 EEST 2007

Thank you for your help.

I suspected that these question are really simple,
but I did not know what expressions to search for.

>I don't use it, but look into:
>and look for Pine's rsh command.
>Also: http://wiki.dovecot.org/CommandLine
I guess this works similarly for mutt,
but what about thunderbird?

>Maybe, search for --exec-mail in the mailing list. It had been asked 
>several times before.
Thanks for the tip. It works like a charm.

>This is like Shared Folders, http://wiki.dovecot.org/SharedMailboxes
>Look for "Read-only Maildirs"
I am coping with the details (namespaces, read only maildir visible
for only one user and so on), but the wiki is very helpful.

And I dont want to seem to be pushy, but what about
the windows version? Is it absolutely of out question?

Thanks & Regards,

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