[Dovecot] dovecot sendmail mysql no inbox error

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Fri Apr 27 00:03:08 EEST 2007

>>> tried google but not much of help, they just suggested to update
>>> or replace dovecot. i already update dovecot and made some
>>> changes to default_mail_env parameter, still the same result.
>>> dovecot version is 0.99 on a fedora 4 box
>>> any idea?

>> You said you tried to update - to what version? If 1.0.0 (the NEW,
>> actual 1.0 release just released this month), did you read the update
>> instructions? There were some major config file changes, so it is not an
>> update that you can perform blindly.

> i updated via yum update dovecot command, i think it is still version 
> 0.99

0.99 is no longer supported. I recommend seeing if you can find an RPM 
for 1.0.0 for Fedora4 (someone on this list can probably point you to 
one) or build one of your own (sorry, can't help you there)) but you'll 
also need to be aware of the changes, so be sure to read the upgrade 
instructions/release notes:



Best regards,


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