[Dovecot] LSUB "" "" vs LIST "" "" (hacked Apple Mail problem)

Kenny Dail kend at amigo.net
Thu Apr 26 18:31:20 EEST 2007

> On 25. apr. 2007, at 20.06, Robert Schetterer wrote:
> > Hi,
> > as i have one customer on courier only with apple mail
> > i got known of so many bugs with imap that i must say this is a broken
> > client in my eyes
> I don't disagree, but it's the least broken imap client that I know  
> of for the Mac, and I've learned to live with most of its quirks by now.
> Eyvind Bernhardsen
I agree Apple's mail client is full of crazy bugs, but it has been
working just fine for me since I upgraded to Dovecot 1.0.0. I've tried a
variety of other IMAP clients on my mac from time to time, but I keep
coming back to Apple mail. The second place is probably Opera's mail
client, but I don't like the fact it won't use an IMAP trash folder,
other than that, it is really quite good.
Kenny Dail <kend at amigo.net>

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