[Dovecot] Deferring, instead of rejecting, messages when at quota

Magnus Holmgren holmgren at lysator.liu.se
Thu Apr 26 12:36:03 EEST 2007

On Thursday 26 April 2007 11:17, Mike Brudenell wrote:
> When I send a large test message to myself that cannot be delivered
> because I don't have sufficient available quota remaining an error
> message is immediately returned to the sender and the incoming
> message discarded.  The error message says this:
>      Your message was automatically rejected by Dovecot Mail Delivery
> Agent.
>      The following reason was given:
>      Not enough disk space
> Instead of Exim rejecting the incoming message and generating the
> error response because of deliver's failure to, umm, deliver I'd like
> the message to be retained in Exim's queue so that it can be retried
> periodically.
> How do I achieve this effect with Exim + deliver please?

In Exim, you can set the temp_errors option of the transport. I don't know 
what code is returned in this case, but I have temp_errors = 73:75:77:78:89. 
If Exim takes care of all the hard errors (like nonexisting user...) you can 
almost set temp_errors = *.

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