[Dovecot] AIXPluginsSupport and AIX FS qoutas

Ralf Becker beckerr at fh-trier.de
Thu Apr 26 11:48:34 EEST 2007

Hello Stewart,

Stewart Dean schrieb am 25.04.2007 21:26:
> I'm running AIXV5.3 at the latest level, compiling using the IBM C for
> AIX V6.0 compiler and building/running Dovecot at V1.0/mbox under test
> usage by our IT department right now.  We have a legacy UWIMAP that is
> currently the production IMAP service.

The same here:
- AIX 5.2,
- xlC 6,
- uwimap and qpopper in production and
- dovecot for testing.

> I am cleaning up on some left-over loose ends, one of them being
> quotas/plugins, and I have some questions about your page with
> AIXPluginsSupport on which I'd appreciate your assistance and comments.
> 1) I use AIX filesystem quota on the Inbox and folders, though the
> indices are in a separate un-quota-ed filesystem.. a) Do you use Dovecot
> with AIX FS quotaing or know of someone with experience?
> b) What do you get out of FS quotaing?  Since the quota with FS quotaing
> is enforced by AIX, what does the FS plugin do that isn't already
> achieved by the OS's function? Do I just get  quota reporting?
> c) If I don't enable quota in Dovecot and let AIX deal with it, are
> there any problems?
No, I'm not using AIS FS quotas nor I've any experience with that, sorry

> 2) A minor point but you invoke configure using bash:
>       bash configure
> Configure is written in sh; can I just leave off the bash, since the
> dovecot-cc script you wrote calls out bash in the first line
You can, but bash is backwards compatible to sh. I'm usually using bash
because of it's performance. You may try this:

# CONFIG_SHELL=bash time bash ./configure

# time ./configure

> 3) I gather you use Gnu gcc; do you know of any problems/benefits with
> using the IBM compiler?

I'm using xlc and dovecot-cc depends on it. I've haven't use gcc on AIX
for years :-)
So in my opinion a common problem with xlc (or better xlc and AIX) is
the shared object handling. Libtool seems to fix most of the problems.
I've mentioned this in

> Thanks in advance........S.

Regards, Ralf


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