[Dovecot] Dovecot "assertion failed" errors

Christian Friedli christian.friedli at id.unibe.ch
Wed Apr 25 18:58:55 EEST 2007

Dear all,

We are running Dovecot (on debian etch, Version 1.0.rc15-2) on 4  
Loadbalanced servers using a NFS share for the homedirs. The  
loadbalancer is using persistant connections (timeout 30min).

Lately, IMAP Users (mostly using Thunderbird) reported the following  

1. When trying to mark messages as read, nothing happened, message  
was still displayed as unread.
2. When moving a Directory the client loads for a long time and then  
hangs. Same was reported to happened when a user tried to open a mail.

When checking the logs at the time users reported those errors we  
could always find one fo the following "assertion failed" errors:

file mail-index-sync-update.c: line 730  
(mail_index_sync_update_index): assertion failed: (view- 
 >hdr.messages_count == map->hdr.messages_count)

file mail-index.c: line 415 (mail_index_map_parse_keywords):  
assertion failed: (ext->hdr_offset < map->hdr.header_size)

file mail-index.c: line 909 (mail_index_sync_from_transactions):  
assertion failed: (prev_seq <= max_seq && (prev_seq != max_seq ||  
prev_offset <= max_offset))

file mail-transaction-log-view.c: line 158  
(mail_transaction_log_view_set): assertion failed: (min_file_seq !=  
max_file_seq || min_file_offset <= max_file_offset)

file mail-transaction-log-view.c: line 229  
(mail_transaction_log_view_set): assertion failed: (view->cur_offset  
<= view->cur->sync_offset)
file message-body-search.c: line 393 (message_body_search_ctx):  
assertion failed: (input->v_offset <= part->physical_pos)

I wonder if anyone has experienced similar problems and if there is a  
solution to this strange behaviour.

University of Bern
IT Department
Central Systems Group

Christian Friedli
E-Mail Services

Gesellschaftsstr. 6
CH-3012 Bern
Tel. +41 (0)31 631 38 38
Fax +41 (0)31 631 43 57
mailto:christian.friedli at id.unibe.ch


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