[Dovecot] SASL Problems

Phillip T. George Phillip at StellarDreams.com
Mon Apr 23 23:44:40 EEST 2007

Phillip T. George wrote:
> Phillip T. George wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I seem to be having a problem with SASL.  It doesn't seem to work 
>> with Outlook.  Upon searching a bit, I found that I need to enable 
>> "login" for auth mechanisms.  However, when I do that, (after I stop 
>> and start dovecot and postfix), and then try to use SMTP auth using 
>> Outlook, it causes postfix to crash.  It works fine with Thunderbird 
>> still though.  Any ideas as to what the cause might be?
>> I'm using Dovecot 1.0.0 and Postfix 2.3.5.
>> Thanks,
>> Phillip
> I thought I should add, that when I just had the auth mechanisms set 
> to "plain", Outlook was not crashing, but it also was not working.  
> (It was giving a relay access denied error)
> -Phillip
Ack!  Nevermind.  Its not anything natively caused by Dovecot or Postfix 
(that was version 2.3.8, not 2.3.5 BTW).  I made a modification to the 
Postfix source code and that modification appears to be causing the problem.


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