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Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Apr 23 19:21:07 EEST 2007

Robert Schetterer spake the following on 4/23/2007 6:32 AM:
> Wilkinson, Alex schrieb:
>>     0n Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 08:53:09AM -0400, Charles Marcus wrote: 
>>     >I *hate* email disclaimers...
>> Our Exchange servers addthat footer to every email that goes out.
>> There is nothing I can do to stop it :(
>>  -aW
>> IMPORTANT: This email remains the property of the Australian Defence Organisation and is subject to the jurisdiction of section 70 of the CRIMES ACT 1914.  If you have received this email in error, you are requested to contact the sender and delete the email.
> Be aware, its now law in the EU to include signatures to buisness mails,
> after all youre right other disclaimers doesnt make sense by blowing up
> mails
But isn't the law that the signatures be the info you would find on a company
letterhead, not an un-enforcible legalese disclaimer?

I would think the legal signature would be something like ;

"IMPORTANT: This email originated from the Australian Defence Organisation
City, Province/State , Australia
Other administrative info
Maybe legal incorporation or business numbers"


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