[Dovecot] deliver failing to execute sendmail (sieve)

Uldis Pakuls neko at it4u.lv
Fri Apr 20 14:09:52 EEST 2007

Justin McAleer wrote:
> Justin McAleer wrote:
>> I have apparently done something to mess up my test installation, as
>> deliver's attempts to send messages now fail with the following error:
>> deliver(user at example.com): execv() failed: No such file or directory
>> In these cases, I have sieve rules trying to send messages. It had
>> been working though, and I've tried going through all the changes I
>> made yesterday (related to dictionary quota debugging) to find what
>> could be wrong, but no luck so far. So, I was hoping for suggestions.
>> Basically, deliver seems to not know where sendmail is. I have
>> sendmail_path set in dovecot.conf (never changed that), yet when
>> deliver tries to pull the location via deliver_set->sendmail_path,
>> it's just returning an empty string. If I hard-code the location in
>> smtp-client.c, it works again.
>> Any ideas?
> Sigh, well I finally found the problem. Ironically, this was caused by
> mail_debug being enabled. In smtp-client.c, with mail_debug enabled,
> smtp_env_clean() is called to prevent conflicts with postfix's debug
> setting. That results in the deliver_set structure getting wiped out,
> so deliver forgets where sendmail is (deliver_set->sendmail_path),
> effectively. Sorry for not supplying a fix, but I've already spent the
> better part of my day tracking this down... It does seem to be trying
> to preserve all the proper env variables, just not putting them back
> into the env.
tnx for informations, I already found, that there is serious problems
with mail_chrot. actually it seams smtp-client must be another
separated, no chrooted process (or all LDA), as it is difficult to put
all external binaries and libs required by plugins [at last sieve,
spamassassin etc.] in chroot environment...

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