[Dovecot] POP3 log in failure after switch to dovecot from Cyrus

Stowe Spivey sspivey at intermarketsolutions.com
Fri Apr 20 03:13:00 EEST 2007

I can set up and access a dovecot pop3 account using outlook express fine.  I can telnet into it fine.  However, GFI FaxMaker is failing to log in.

I assisted a client in switching his web site, including email from one server (FreeBSD) which was using Cyrus to a Redhat 4.0 server using dovecot version 0.99.11

Here's the listing of dovecot -n:
dovecot -n
Usage: dovecot [-F] [-c <config file>]
Fatal: Unknown argument: -n

The GFI Faxmaker polls the pop3 account every minute so we're getting a lot lf these messages in the log file:

Apr 19 19:51:28 server name pop3-login: Aborted login [::ffff:<ip address here>]

Again, I can telnet in to the account from that server.  I verified all the log in credentials are correct but it still is failing to log in.

Any ideas?

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