[Dovecot] message-of-the-day feature?

Odhiambo WASHINGTON wash at wananchi.com
Thu Apr 19 18:51:57 EEST 2007

* On 19/04/07 10:13 -0500, Steven F Siirila wrote:
| For lack of a better name, we are interested in a feature where one could
| get a notice out to all Dovecot users as quickly as possible, possibly
| without going through an MTA even.  Given a message and a list of userids
| we could certainly do a mailing on the MDA server itself going through
| both Postfix and Dovecot LDA.  However, we were wondering what other options
| we might have in Dovecot.  For example, would it be possible to place the
| message into some file which Dovecot periodically checks for, and if the
| file exists, either present it to the user as a new message, or automatically
| deliver it at that time via Dovecot LDA?

It's a really nice feature!

We have something like that with tpop3d (Chris Lightfoot's). tpop3d is 
nolonger maintained but it's rock solid as a POP3 daemon. It gives this
feature via some perl hooks (plugin, I'd call it, for lack of the proper
word atm) and works very well.
It serves the "bulletin" without any reference to the MTA, and keeps a 
DB of those users who have received/retrieved/pop-ed the bulletin(s)
so that they don't get them twice.
It's one feature I will surely miss if I migrated to dovecot 100%.



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