[Dovecot] Disconnected for inactivity in reading our output top=0/0

Chris Laif chris.laif at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 19 09:56:37 EEST 2007

On 4/19/07, Chris Gosley <cg at imagatec.com.au> wrote:
> Apr 19 12:51:49 mail dovecot: POP3(vu0095): Disconnected for inactivity in
> reading our output top=0/0, retr=1/0, del=0/2, size=25266

We have a similiar situation every few weeks. Outlook gets confused by
a certain (spam) message in the inbox. If we remove the message (using
the imap web mail frontend) the problem is gone.

As you can see in your log file, one message is downloaded (retr=1/0).
I _think_ the client does not recognize the end of the message for
whatever reason and then waits forever.

Unfortunately I did not have time to investigate the problem further.
Our system is dovecot rc17, maybe upgrading to 1.0 helps.


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