[Dovecot] v1.1 plans

Justin McAleer justin at fehuq.com
Wed Apr 18 20:15:15 EEST 2007

Justin McAleer wrote:
> I was having problems with it seemingly not making updates at all. It 
> would do the initial usage calculation when I logged in, but never 
> updated when I sent a message or expunged anything. In the past 
> (months ago) I also saw problems when sending a message to multiple 
> recipients... I believe it would only update the first recipient or 
> something like that. I was quite astounded by that, since deliver is 
> run once per user, of course. So I was figuring there may be a problem 
> in the dictionary proxy. But, let me double-check all of my configs. 
> If 1.0 should be reliable except for the expunge problem, I'll spend 
> some time today giving it a more thorough examination.

Ok, my problem with the quota flat out not being updated was some still 
unexplainable problems with mysql on the server I was using. The insert 
... on duplicate key update ... query was successfully inserting new 
rows, but not ever updating. No error was given, just said 0 rows 
affected (which by definition shouldn't be possible). But anywho...

There is a definite problem delivering mail under load, though. 
Sometimes a single username will keep getting updated for all incoming 
mail, regardless of user. I have a group set up in postfix that sends to 
100 random accounts. When I send to that group address, one user will 
get updated for each delivery (one user updated 100 times rather than 
each user once).

If I start up a script sending 15 msgs/sec (for example) to random 
accounts, some either apply to other users or get lost altogether. in 
one batch I sent to 350 unique users, yet the quota table only has 223 rows.

One last thing, when I sent a message to that huge account with 200,000+ 
messages, the initial quota calculation seemed to only count up the 
inbox, not the whole maildir.

I'll be happy to do whatever debugging you'd like to see for this stuff, 
just met me know... I didn't want to waste any more time doing things 
that may be of no help though.

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