[Dovecot] v1.1 plans

Hugo Monteiro hugo.monteiro at fct.unl.pt
Wed Apr 18 13:01:40 EEST 2007

Richard Laager wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 21:46 +0300, Timo Sirainen wrote:
>> I'm planning on keeping v1.1 almost completely compatible with v1.0.
>> There could be some minor configuration file changes, but for most
>> people v1.0's dovecot.conf should work with v1.1.
> Please, this needs to be "Everyone's v1.0 dovecot.conf will work in
> v1.1." If you're going to change the configuration file format even in
> some subtle way, please bump the major version. Likewise with plugin
> support... if you're going to break API or ABI, please bump the major
> version. It's easy enough to avoid breaking compatibility gratuitously.
> People do not expect configuration files to need changing between minor
> releases and they'll be quite upset if things break.
> Richard

I second that.


Hugo Monteiro.

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