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Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Apr 18 00:32:23 EEST 2007

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Timo Sirainen schrieb:
> I think I won't do any actual releases until it's mostly feature
> complete. Then maybe v1.1.alpha1 or v1.1.beta1. So if you want to test
> it before then, use CVS or the nightly snapshots.
> I'm planning on keeping v1.1 almost completely compatible with v1.0.
> There could be some minor configuration file changes, but for most
> people v1.0's dovecot.conf should work with v1.1.
> I want to update index file handling to use less locks and update
> dovecot.index file less often. The file formats would still stay
> backwards compatible with v1.0. After this I'm hoping to get index files
> working well with NFS even with attribute cache enabled.
> Dovecot v2.0 then brings incompatible index files and more or less
> rewritten configuration file handling. It could still support old config
> file format and settings, but the default will be somewhat different.
> I'm hoping to release the first alphas/betas in 2-3 months, with v1.1.0
> maybe even as early as next summer. The good thing here is that index
> file code hasn't changed much since v1.0, so it should be stable. The
> bad thing is that I've added a couple of completely new indexes. I'm
> also quite busy for the next month, but I'm not sure how much it affects
> my coding. :)
> The largest already implemented new features are:
> 	+ Added support for IMAP UIDPLUS extension
> 	+ IMAP SORT: Sort keys are indexed, which makes SORT commands faster.
> 	+ IMAP THREAD: Threads are indexed into a dovecot.index.thread file.
> 	  It can usually be updated incrementally, so this makes THREAD fast.
> 	+ Added Dovecot-specific X-REFERENCES2 threading algorithm.
> 	  It's similar to REFERENCES, but it doesn't do base subject merging
> 	  and it sorts the threads by their newest message.
> 	+ When saving messages, update cache file immediately with the data
> 	  that we expect client to fetch later. Maildir-only currently.
> 	+ Mailbox list indexes. Mailbox metadata is stored there, so STATUS
> 	  commands can return synchronized mailboxes' metadata simply by
> 	  reading a single mailbox list index file.
> 	   - FIXME: Currently works only with Maildir++ layout.
> 	+ Expire plugin can be used to keep track of oldest messages in
> 	  specific mailboxes. A nightly run can then quickly expunge old
> 	  messages from the mailboxes that have them. The tracking is done
> 	  using lib-dict, so you can use either Berkeley DB or SQL database.
> 	+ Namespaces are supported everywhere now.
> 	    - FIXME: except by convert plugin
> 	+ Full text search indexing support with Lucene and Squat backends.
> 	+ OTP and S/KEY authentication mechanisms (by Andrey Panin).
> 	+ mbox and Maildir works with both Maildir++ and FS layouts. You can
> 	  change these by appending :LAYOUT=maildir++ or :LAYOUT=fs to
> 	  mail_location.
> Features that I'm planning on implementing:
>  - Fully supported shared mailboxes and IMAP ACL extension
>  - Replace Squat FTS indexes with my new design
>  - Case-insensitive searches with non-ASCII text as well
>  - Maybe add support for all kinds of IMAP extensions that can be easily
> supported. LEMONADE extensions especially: CONDSTORE, CATENATE and maybe
> even URLAUTH if I can figure out how it should work.
> If a feature can be implemented completely as a plugin, it could still
> come in v1.1.beta stage, because it won't destabilize the rest of the
> Dovecot anyway.
Hi Timo,

- - Fully supported shared mailboxes and IMAP ACL extension will be very

will you include some quota warn code to lda like maildrop does ?

- --
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