[Dovecot] WebmAdmin for DoveCot

Azher Amin azher at niit.edu.pk
Wed Apr 11 11:36:44 EEST 2007

Hi Ken,

You are right, these tools once integrated gives the solution. But i 
thought that if someone has already done the spade work then it would be 


Ken Anderson wrote:

> Azher Amin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using Dovecot with Sendmail in my environment. So far I am doing 
>> manual operations like adding new users, aliases, setting quota etc.
>> Is there any WebAdmin interface that works with 'Dovecot and 
>> Sendmail' and can help in above tasks, plz suggest.
> You might get most of the way with Webmin, but most systems differ so 
> that you'd probably be happier if you 'rolled your own' out of the 
> available peices: pam, saslauthd, pam-mysql, mysql, postgres, ldap, 
> and your favorite programming/scripting languages.
> Ken Anderson
> Pacific.Net
>> Regards
>> -Azher

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