[Dovecot] error creating subfolders

John Harper harper at utsc.utoronto.ca
Tue Apr 10 23:58:40 EEST 2007

I'm running rc31 and I've come across a weird little error in creating
subfolders that's only apparent in a specific situation. I recently
moved our entire campus from UW to dovecot, and as part of that
migration, and following the wiki, I have some namespaces:
##default namespace
namespace private {
            separator = /
            prefix = 
            inbox = yes
#for backwards compatibility:
namespace private {
            separator = /
            prefix = mail/
            hidden = yes        
namespace private {
             separator = /
             prefix = ~/mail/
             hidden = yes       

which absorb the typical configuration previously used wherein the
email client had the imap server folder set to "mail/" or similar, and
which still remains on most clients. All of this works perfectly fine,
and all users see their mail folders properly. Currently everyone is
still in mbox format, and as far as I can tell, users can also create
email folders without problems (ie single files in the file system
containing messages).

But one user discovered that it does not work to create folder
containers (ie directories in the filesystem) that would contain other
email folders, no matter how one appended / or checked the right box
(or having me add the tb-extra-mailbox-sep client workaround --
they're using Thunderbird). Their client config still had mail/ as the
server imap directory, and when I cleared that out, then everything
worked perfectly.

So it's a bit weird that everything works fine with the namespaces,
except the one operation of creating the subfolder.

John Harper
Systems Manager
Information and Instructional Technology Services
University of Toronto Scarborough
harper at utsc.utoronto.ca

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