[Dovecot] MANAGESIEVE patch v4 for dovecot 1.0.rc28 / problems

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Sun Apr 8 22:05:01 EEST 2007

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Stephan Bosch schrieb:
> Stephan Bosch schreef:
>> Stephan Bosch wrote:
>>> This script states:
>>> require [""];
>>> This is not valid sieve to my knowledge and it doesn't serve any
>>> useful purpose: there is no empty sieve extension, so this seems to
>>> be a bug in avelsieve. Lib-CMUSieve correctly reports an error.
>>> Btw, I tested avelsieve myself as well (to test yet another sieve
>>> client), but it also caused a syntax error:
>>> NO "line 6: syntax error, unexpected ']', expecting STRING"
>>> I don't yet know what caused this, but I intend to find out as soon
>>> as I get to sniff the TCP communication properly.
>> Found it. Avelsieve incorrectly assumes the SIEVE capabilities to be
>> listed in lowercase. Dovecot-managesieve lists them in uppercase.
> Just to be sure I reread the MANAGESIEVE (v07) draft specification. It
> gives an example of the SIEVE capability response in UPPER CASE (it says
> nothing explicitly), but it also refers to the SIEVE specification,
> which says:
>    Any extensions to this language MUST define a capability string that
>    uniquely identifies that extension.  Capability string are case-
>    sensitive; for example, "foo" and "FOO" are different capabilities.
>    If a new version of an extension changes the functionality of a
>    previously defined extension, it MUST use a different name.
>    Extensions may register a set of related capabilities by registering
>    just a unique prefix for them.  The "comparator-" prefix is an
>    example of this.  The prefix MUST end with a "-" and MUST NOT overlap
>    any existing registrations.
> So, I seems that I am pretty much wrong in this case. I'll change the
> code and notify the maintainer of the managesieve specification. Until I
> publish a new patch, the patch to avelsieve will work however.
> Regards,
Ok Stephan, i understand,
i will test your avelsieve patch, and your new release if you got it coded

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