[Dovecot] chdir failed, but requires group permissions

Brent Nesbitt Brent.Nesbitt at crusade.org
Sat Apr 7 22:36:24 EEST 2007

Yes, I am using passwd - as I also have webmail using these same logins - so changing the "actual" home directory won't work either.  
At this point I am using popa3d instead of dovecot - but Dovecot is a much more capable program, so I thought it SHOULD have worked.


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On 7.4.2007, at 21.56, Brent Nesbitt wrote:

> Which unfortunately, doesn't work.  Even with these settings, or  
> putting mbox, INBOX, INDEX all in /var/mail - dovecot still fails  
> after successful authentication with an error that it can't chdir  
> to the mail user's home directory; which, of course, it can't - but  
> again, it shouldn't need to.

Yes, but I meant that you could change the userdb not to return a  
home directory at all for users. Or are you using passwd as userdb?  
Then it gets trickier..

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