[Dovecot] chdir failed, but requires group permissions

Brent Nesbitt Brent.Nesbitt at crusade.org
Sat Apr 7 20:35:42 EEST 2007

Thanks for the suggestion, 

That's a good idea, but unfortunately where the home directories lie, the users actually need to be members of 2 groups - so they both can't be primary.

However, it seems odd to me that Dovecot would REQUIRE access to the $HOME directory, when I am only using it to pop mail from /var/mail (which it has full access to) - and I am not using imap access at all.


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On 4.4.2007, at 1.48, Brent Nesbitt wrote:

> My home directories are set up with 770 permissions as follows:
> /home/<group name>/<user name>
> Using this method, users MUST be a member of the appropriate group to
> access their own home directory.  If they are not, they can't chdir  
> past
> /home.

Could the group be the user's primary group? Then it works. Otherwise  
there's not much else you can do except modify the sources.

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