[Dovecot] Outlook: incoming mail lands in "sent" folder

Mark Richards mark.richards at massmicro.com
Sat Apr 7 15:37:19 EEST 2007

The first word of the subject line probably says enough and shows my 
predisposition.  Actually I used to like Outlook until we switched to 
IMAP, at which point my love turned to hate.

I have a single user on Outlook 2007 complaining about (a) mail "stuck" 
in the outbox that is not delivered (until we reboot windows) and (b) 
mail showing up in the "sent" folder that was not originated by this 
user (as in "incoming mail").  Neither of these issues are consistent, 
but I have seen them with my own tired eyes.

The user employs a horrific combination of Outlook and Act! (CRM with a 
pathetic Outlook clone which pitifully replaces the Outlook UI).  They 
also have Outlook clients on two other machines.

They have three accounts on the same server.  It's only happening on one 
of them.  We've turned off Outlook "rules" completely to be certain it's 
not user-induced.

The probability of these two issues being Dovecot (or SMTP for the 
outgoing issue) are about as high as the existence of an orbiting 
teapot, but to satisfy the user and hopefully wean them off the Outlook 
drug I must show that the server isn't the culprit.  Therefore I must do 
some very fine logging, but for this users' account only.

Is this level of logging possible?

	- per user
	- per function
	- excluding spam processing

Have others (perhaps countless?) encountered these same issues?

Finally, why does Outlook suck?


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