[Dovecot] Inbox inside the mail location

guenther guenther at rudersport.de
Sat Apr 7 13:22:17 EEST 2007

On Sat, 2007-04-07 at 10:55 +0300, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 7.4.2007, at 3.11, guenther wrote:
> > However, I'd like to confirm what I see is how it is expected to work.
> > Since the Inbox with this layout is is part of the ~/.mail dir just like
> > any other mbox file (or subdir), I am concerned with getting a "second"
> > Inbox mail folder in the client. I did not, which is great.
> >
> > So, is this expected behavior, and the Inbox mbox file actually being
> > the Inbox and only the Inbox? Will it always be excluded from the list
> > of IMAP mail folders?
> INBOX is actually always included in the list of IMAP folders.   
> Dovecot anyway does all kinds of duplicate checking so it won't  
> return the INBOX multiple times in any situation.

I see, thanks, Timo. :)

Coincidentally I came across a similar example to what I have in mind
(inbox being implicitly inside the mail_location by not specifying
INBOX) by reading the docs and checking for some general tweaking and

Btw, long time no see -- it's been a while since you have been hanging
out in #evolution at GimpNET. Nice to meet you again.


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