[Dovecot] GSS/Kerb5, Solaris 10, how to build?

Dan Price dp at eng.sun.com
Fri Apr 6 02:37:57 EEST 2007

On Thu 05 Apr 2007 at 10:33AM, Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
> Gang,
> I've been trying to build rc29 under Solaris 10 using either
> "--with-gssapi" or Kerberos 5 ticket usage.  I'm trying to figure
> out how to set up fetchmail on another S10 box to do IMAP fetches
> from dovecot without having to enter a password.
> No matter what configure option I try, I get
> Building with GSSAPI support ........ : no
> at the end of the configure.  I searched the list archives and

I apply the following patch to configure before running it.  I
don't know that this will fix your problem though:

--- configure.prepatch  Tue Feb  6 08:07:07 2007
+++ configure   Tue Feb  6 14:54:56 2007
@@ -29107,13 +29107,13 @@
                # version >= v1.3. Although this doesn't work right with
                # non-MIT kerberos versioning..
                if `krb5-config --version|grep -v '1\.2' > /dev/null`; then
-                       AUTH_LIBS="$AUTH_LIBS `krb5-config --libs gssapi`"
-                       AUTH_CFLAGS="$AUTH_CFLAGS `krb5-config --cflags gssapi`"
+                       AUTH_LIBS="$AUTH_LIBS `krb5-config --libs` -lgss"
+                       AUTH_CFLAGS="$AUTH_CFLAGS `krb5-config --cflags`"
                        # Although krb5-config exists, all systems still don't
                        # have gssapi.h
-                       CFLAGS="$CFLAGS `krb5-config --cflags gssapi`"
+                       CFLAGS="$CFLAGS `krb5-config --cflags`"
                        if test "${ac_cv_header_gssapi_gssapi_h+set}" = set; the
   { echo "$as_me:$LINENO: checking for gssapi/gssapi.h" >&5
 echo $ECHO_N "checking for gssapi/gssapi.h... $ECHO_C" >&6; }

> I see some discussion from Dan Price about Solaris 11 builds.
> Is gssapi supposed to work with Solaris 10?  Advice please?

I'm not sure-- I will say that in Nevada (probably to be called Solaris
11) kerberos has changed quite bit, so I'm not sure that my experiments
have any validity.

Also, we haven't got Kerberos+Dovecot working just yet :)  We're debugging
it into existence at the moment.


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