[Dovecot] quota warning - take 2

Nicolas Boullis nicolas.boullis at ecp.fr
Wed Apr 4 18:34:11 EEST 2007

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-03-31 at 23:00 +0200, Nicolas Boullis wrote:
>>   - I'm still using system() rather than fork()+exec()+waitpid()
>>since I
>>     don't know a good time to run waitpid().
> struct child_wait *
> child_wait_new_with_pid(pid_t pid, child_wait_callback_t *callback,
> 			void *context);
> This would make it easy. That code is already written, but it's not in
> Dovecot's CVS yet. It would be useful also in dovecot-auth. Originally I
> was thinking about using the code to replace the waitpid() calls in
> master, but that change got a bit complex so I forgot about it then.

OK, then I guess I should consider it when I do the porting to current
CVS HEAD. Right? By the way, any documentation I should read about quota
setups, quota rules, and quota roots for IMAP? When I had a look at the
quota backport for 1.0, I failed to understand how things work together...

>>Timo, will you consider to add this to your unofficial patches?
> Added.

Does this mean it looks good enough for you and you have nothing to
criticize? Wow!


Nicolas Boullis
Ecole Centrale Paris

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