[Dovecot] chdir failed, but requires group permissions

Brent Nesbitt Brent.Nesbitt at crusade.org
Wed Apr 4 01:48:30 EEST 2007

Using Debian Etch package dovecot-common and dovecot-pop3d, based on


My home directories are set up with 770 permissions as follows:

/home/<group name>/<user name>


Using this method, users MUST be a member of the appropriate group to
access their own home directory.  If they are not, they can't chdir past


This appears to kill dovecot with a "chdir failed with id xxxx:
Permission Denied" error, immediately after authenticating a pop3 user.

I was able to make a user the owner of the <group name> directory, and
dovecot succeeded

But when the <group name> directory is owned by <group name>:<group
name> and the user is a member of the group - the process dies.


Any suggestions?

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