[Dovecot] testing LDAP connections

Hugo Monteiro hugo.monteiro at fct.unl.pt
Mon Apr 2 16:48:19 EEST 2007

Hello all,

I haven't looked into the source code, but i suspect that LDAP
connections, once established, are not tested properly.

My scenario is the followind:

Dovecot server <--------> firewall <---------> LDAP backend

    What happens is that the firewall has a security feature which
basically make de firewall box "forget" about connections that are idle
for more than X period of time. That particular setting is 30 minutes
right now. When that happens, neither the LDAP backend or the Dovecot
server get any type of notification, and for all they care the
connection is alive and well. This is a very common implementation in
firewalls nowadays.

    So my question is, is there any way to make dovecot re-open a new
connection if there is a timeout while trying to use a connection
already opened? I believe that this could be of great benefit for those
who don't have their servers on the same physical network.

Thanks in advance,

Hugo Monteiro.


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