[Dovecot] Suggestion: mod_auth_dovecot

David Anderson dovecot at dw-perspective.org.uk
Mon Apr 2 15:50:48 EEST 2007


I have a suggestion which might be a small and very useful project for a 
C coder (I'm not one!).

As Dovecot makes its authentication interface available to other 
programs, I think that an Apache module to use it would be very useful.

Currently I share an passwd-db file between Dovecot and Apache. However 
with Apache that means I have to give Apache read access. That means 
that websites with PHP could read that password file if they liked. If 
Apache could talk to the Dovecot authentication process instead, that 
would be a lot better.

I'm sure there are lots of situations in which this would be useful - 
Dovecot's authentication settings are so flexible that it would be very 
handy to be able to use them more widely.

If anyone produces one, I pledge to produce an RPM package and submit it 
to Fedora as my contribution. I would do it myself if I knew C...


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