[Dovecot] quota warning - take 2

Nicolas Boullis nicolas.boullis at ecp.fr
Sun Apr 1 00:00:29 EEST 2007


About one month ago, I sent a patch to this list to implement warnings 
when a user is close to reach his quota.

I tried to follow Timo's advice to improve my code, and here (at last) 
is a new patch. Things I did not fix:
   - This patch is still for dovecot 1.0, as I will need warnings with
     dovecot 1.0. I may rewrite it for CVS HEAD in the future but can't
   - I'm still using system() rather than fork()+exec()+waitpid() since I
     don't know a good time to run waitpid().

Comments are welcome.

Timo, will you consider to add this to your unofficial patches?


Nicolas Boullis
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