[Dovecot] 1.0 beta1 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Jan 16 22:52:30 EET 2006

As promised, here it is finally.

v1.0 is getting nearer and I want people to start looking at Dovecot's
sources. Getting some more help with development would be nice, but I'd
also like to hear if there are any hidden bugs in the code. So, one week
from now I'll start offering 1000 EUR for the first person to point out
a remotely exploitable security hole in Dovecot. See
http://dovecot.org/security.html for more information.

Changes since 1.0alpha5:

UPGRADE WARNING: Unlike earlier Dovecot versions, 1.0 beta1 now requires
Diffie-Hellman parameters to have been generated before SSL/TLS is used.
These are generated when Dovecot is started for the first time and it
may take several minutes. During this time SSL/TLS connections aren't

(I decided to leave it this way at least for now. I don't think any new
Dovecot admins will try to log in with SSL within the first 5 minutes of
the installation?)


 - DSA SSL connections provide now forward secrecy (which causes the DH
parameter issue mentioned above)
 - Support for password protected SSL private keys
 - LDAP: Added authentication bind support. Patch by J.M. Maurer
 - LDAP: Added fast authentication binding. Patch by Geff
<boing at boing.com>
 - PAM: Changed -session parameter to session=yes
 - kqueue support. Patch by Vaclav Haisman
 - dbox updates. Kind of works now, but not recommended for more than
testing yet. There still are known bugs.
 - maildir_copy_with_hardlinks=yes works again
 - Sometimes Dovecot kept telling about keyword changes over and over
again even if there weren't any.
 - Beginnings of fallbacking to in-memory indexes when write fails with
"out of disk space" error. Not perfect yet, but helps in some cases.
 - When IDLEing, send a small notification every 2 minutes so that
NATs/firewalls don't close the connection.
 - Added gdbhelper binary to help debugging

Performance improvements:

 - Don't fdatasync() cache file. Not that important and gives better
 - mmap_disable=yes mode doesn't keep rewriting index file now
constantly, so it uses much less disk I/O.
 - Some other minor index file improvements


 - UID STORE command wasn't returning UIDs in replies
 - Fixes for various problems with IDLE command.
 - THREAD command crashed if no search matches were found
 - Some fixes to handling LIST command with namespaces. Helps Pine.
 - Fixed a situation in mbox when it could get the process to infinite
 - Fixed one mbox assert crash
 - Use long line wrapping for X-IMAPbase, X-IMAP and X-Keywords headers
for UW-IMAP compatibility
 - dovecot --exec-mail wasn't cleaning existing environment variables

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