[Dovecot] Error reading configuration file

Justin Pearce justinp at pricevideo.com
Wed Dec 27 20:44:07 UTC 2006

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>Justin Pearce wrote:
>> Good day,
>> I seem to be having an issue using dovecot 1.0 rc15. I compiled the
>> source with the following configure command:
>> CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include/mysql"
>> -lmysqlclient" ./configure -with-mysql -with-sql-drivers=mysql
>> Did make and make install and set the dovecot-example.conf to
>> dovecot.conf and tried running the program and got the following
>> Error: Error in configuration file on line 50: expecting '='
>> Line 50 of the default config is a comment, which struck me as odd.
>> So, I uninstalled and tried building with no options. I did a make
>> uninstall, removed the /usr/local/lib/dovecot directory did make and
>> make install and tried the program. This time it didn't crash about
>> the config file, but the mail.err log notes that the child processes
>> died on an error 89, apparently unable to figure our what pam was.
>Paste your lines 45~55 here.
(Line number included because of formatting issues in Outlook :\)

45 #disable_plaintext_auth = yes
47 # Should all IMAP and POP3 processes be killed when Dovecot master
48 # shuts down. Setting this to "no" means that Dovecot can be upgraded
49 # forcing existing client connections to close (although that could
also be
50 # a problem if the upgrade is eg. because of a security fix). This
51 # means that after master process has died, the client processes
can't write
52 # to log files anymore.
53 #shutdown_clients = yes
55 ##

>> I'm wondering why the thing seems to work if I do not build for mysql
>> but if I want mysql, it breaks in the manner it does? Is it a bug, or
>> am I doing it wrong (which is a real possibility). Any help soon
>> be appreciated, as my boss keeps asking 'So, when is that mail server
>> going to be done?'. :)
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