[Dovecot] Hebrew folder names

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 22:10:51 UTC 2006

On 27/12/06, Magnus Holmgren <holmgren at lysator.liu.se> wrote:
> UTF-7, like UTF-8 and UTF-16, encodes all of the Unicode repertoire. You don't
> need to understand RFC 2060 completely unless you're going to write your own
> IMAP-compatible software. What I meant by "yes and no" was that you can't use
> UTF-8-encoded folder names as arguments to maildirmake or deliver, or in
> Sieve scripts - you have to use a MUA (such as Thunderbird) or other program
> that can encode the folder name properly.

Ah, I personally cannot, but Tbird or Kmail can. That's the way that I
was planning on doing it anyway. Excellent.

> > Also, I've seen that some MUAs (such as Thunderbird) use the slash
> > instead of the dot  as the seperator. Will this be a problem in
> > Dovecot if I decide to try out Thunderbird?
> Thunderbird will use the separator that the IMAP server tells it to when
> talking to the IMAP server. However, Dovecot doesn't encode slashes or dots
> in any special way, so neither can be used in folder names regardless of
> wether slash or dot is the separator.
> (If "/" is the separator and you try to create a folder called "Foo.Bar",
> Dovecot will (with a common configuration) create ~/Maildir/.Foo.Bar, which
> looks like a folder Foo with a subfolder Bar. If the separator is "." and you
> try to create a folder called "Foo/Bar", then Dovecot will or will not try to
> create ~/Maildir/.Foo/Bar, which in any case won't work.)

Although we are guilty of using spaces in file and folder names (and
thus not upsetting the delicate wife/linux balance of my household),
we know better than to use slashes, dots, dollar signs and the like.
But thank you fro the warning, we will be careful.

Dotan Cohen


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