[Dovecot] rc15 errors

Nicolas STRANSKY Nico at stransky.cx
Sat Dec 23 11:40:46 UTC 2006


Since I installed rc15 I'm seing the following errors in logs of a
server with several hundreds of pop3 and imap users. All the indexes
have been erased and recreated after installation.

Dec 21 21:06:46 rouge dovecot: pop3-login: inotify_init() failed: Too
many open files
The maildir mailboxes are on NFS, but the indexes are local. What should
be done to correct this error ?

These two error have appeared only once:
Dec 22 11:02:07 rouge dovecot: IMAP(xxxxxx): file client.c: line 378
(client_handle_input): assertion failed: (!client->disconnected)
Dec 22 11:02:07 rouge dovecot: child 31833 (imap) killed with signal 6

Dec 22 12:43:20 rouge dovecot: IMAP(xxxxxx): free(): invalid pointer
Dec 22 12:43:20 rouge dovecot: child 26938 (imap) killed with signal 11
Dec 22 12:43:20 rouge kernel: imap[26938]: segfault at 0000000000000018
rip 00002b328a17e527 rsp 00007fff20bbb230 error 6

This one seems to have disappeared after patching
src/lib-index/mail-index.c as you suggested on the list.
Dec 21 14:15:44 rouge dovecot: child 21826 (imap) killed with signal 11
Dec 21 14:15:44 rouge kernel: imap[21826]: segfault at 0000000000000098
rip 0000000000425bf8 rsp 00007fffd7433b10 error 4

Are these errors harmful ?

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