[Dovecot] NTLM authentication woes

Gerard Seibert gerard at seibercom.net
Sat Dec 23 18:00:39 UTC 2006

On Saturday December 23, 2006 at 12:13:13 (PM) Lars Skovgaard wrote:

> I have worked around the problem for now by instructing my clients to  
> use SSL-connections and disabling "Secure Authentication", but would  
> like for everyone to be able to log on without using SSL (due to the  
> returning questions regarding my self-signed certificate).

It has been awhile, but I thought that MS Outlook and OE both had
options to accept the self signed certificate ad infinitum.

You did not disclose how many users you are servicing; however, I think
it would be a wise decision, even if you total is small, to secure a
proper certificate. That certificate works for you mail server also.


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