[Dovecot] imap failed asssert in imap-bodystructure.c

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Dec 22 21:34:44 UTC 2006

On 22.12.2006, at 7.21, Matt Ronge wrote:

> I'm running Dovecot on a Debian system which recently has been  
> failing on an assert(). I have a spam mailbox that if I try and  
> open (from any client), the imap process dies and this is written  
> to the error logs:
> Dec 21 18:57:11 theronge imap(mronge): file imap-bodystructure.c:  
> line 278 (part_parse_headers): assertion failed: (part- 
> >physical_pos >= input->v_offset - start_offset)
> Dec 21 18:57:11 theronge dovecot: child 28911 (imap) killed with  
> signal 6

If this happens repeatedly and it's just a spam mailbox, could you  
put the whole mailbox and the index files into a tarball and send it  
to me (or post a link or whatever, I think I can accept max. 10MB  

The problem is that Dovecot has stored a cached MIME structure into  
dovecot.index.cache file, but now when it's trying to use it again,  
mail's contents have either changed or something else weird has  
happened. I think I had added several sanity checks to this already,  
so this assert shouldn't really have happened. But the same problem  
has existed for years, so this is getting a bit annoying problem.

Could it be possible that the mail's body had changed?

Anyway if you delete dovecot.index.cache file it should work again.
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