[Dovecot] email message size limit

Dan McGarry dmcgarry at cns.com.vu
Tue Dec 19 21:52:02 UTC 2006

Dominic Marks wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 10:28:57 -0800
> Fred Bauer <fred at fredbauer.com> wrote:
>> Simple question: I've discovered that dovecot's IMAP server imposes a 
>> ~5Mb limit on email message size. After a day of searching I cannot
>> find the configuration parameter that governs this size. What is it?
>> Or is there no such parameter?
> If there is I've never noticed it. Can you describe the behaviour you
> are experiencing, perhaps it isn't dovecot at all.

Indeed. I find it hard to imagine how message size limits could be
usefully enforced by Dovecot.

Fred, perhaps you could look into size limits on the
SendMail/Postfix/Exim side of things, where they're usually enforced.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid downloading large files without
first viewing the headers, that option is available in a number of mail
client packages, such as Thunderbird and (IIRC) Evolution.

Good luck....

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