[Dovecot] Custom mail directory with LDAP

Maykel Moya moya at infomed.sld.cu
Tue Dec 19 16:44:10 UTC 2006

For certain users, I have their mail boxes
under /srv/mpop/<username>/Maildir. For the rest, I have their mail
boxes under /srv/vmail/<username>/Maildir.

mpop/ users are stored in LDAP, vmail/ users are local users so I
discard the idea of set a fixed mail_location.

In dovecot-ldap.conf I can't get the picture to
set /srv/mpop/<username>/Maildir as mail.

I'd tried
user_attrs = /srv/mpop/uid/Maildir=mail but watching the logs I saw that
a '/srv/mpop/uid/Maildir' is queried to the LDAP Server.

Would be nice to have a user_global_mail equivalent to user_global_uid
for LDAP user lookups.


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