[Dovecot] Disconnects with proxies / new facts

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Dec 16 01:52:03 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 19:41 +0100, Michael Kress wrote:
> I think I excluded all other cases now, because I installed cyrus-imapd 
> and succeeded with a proxy between client and server. So there's 
> definitely an issue with dovecot and the Avira AntiVir proxy. How can I 
> succeed in getting dovecot working? May I help you with some debugging?

I don't see what Dovecot could do differently to break any proxies. It
really looks like the proxy is just sending extra LF characters, and
there's nothing Dovecot can do to not give error message in such case.

Could you get some network traffic dumps from the computer running
Dovecot and also from the computer running some other POP3 server?

I'm guessing you're doing something differently with Cyrus if it doesn't
have this problem (you said cyrus-imapd, but I guess you still tried

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