[Dovecot] problem on "multiple addresses"

Quentin Chung (KTS) quentin.chung at kts-group.com
Fri Dec 15 11:31:18 UTC 2006

I have do a search on google but found nothing..
My configuration is:
Dovecot from atrpms (dovecot-1.0-0_4_stable20050221.el3.at)
My problem is.. my mailbox has 2 internet (interface A, ip and interface B, and 1
intranet (interface C, 192.168.0.x) access. Default route is on interface A.
pop3/imap access from connection A & C has no problem at all.  But, any connection from interface B
it will get a timeout error.
I can sure routing is correct..  since I have virtual host on web server and running ftp server, I
tested it connecting from both IP it shows no error..

Anyone can give me some hints to fix it ??  thanks in advance.

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