[Dovecot] Error in Thunderbird

Luigi Rosa lrosa at hypertrek.info
Thu Dec 14 06:31:10 UTC 2006

I received a mail, Thunderbird was supposed to move that mail in a 
folder, according to its filter rules, but appeared this popup:


The log entries are:

Dec 14 07:23:07 mail dovecot: IMAP(lrosa): Fixed index file 
/var/spool/mail2/lrosa/.HT list/dovecot.index: 
first_recent_uid_lowwater 839 -> 838

Dec 14 07:23:07 mail dovecot: IMAP(lrosa): Corrupted index file 
/var/spool/mail2/lrosa/.HT list/dovecot.index: Duplicate header 
extension keywords

The file http://luigi.rosa.name/dovecot1.tgz contains the dovecot 
files I found in the folder "HT list" (no problem about privacy: the 
archives of that mailing list are public).


+--[Luigi Rosa]--

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