[Dovecot] Problems with Mailstorage path.

Raja T Nair rtnair at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 12:15:51 UTC 2006

Hi Kenny,

On 12/11/06, Kenny Dail <kend at amigo.net> wrote:
> > Currently I've configured dovecote to find user's mail folder like this:
> > dovecot.conf
> > mail_location = maildir:/var/vmail/%d/%u/Maildir
> Thats a good setup. For simplicity's sake, why not use it?

:) yes i agree. but the problem is that some of the existing ldap
entries need to be changed. there are more than 15,000 mailboxes and
problem users are randomly distributed. currently i'm using
courier-imap and it perfectly lands each user in his/her own mailbox.
the only problem i find with courier is that it becomes sluggish at
peak hours.

> >
> > All my domain mailboxes are under /var/vmail, as evident. But there
> > are some users whose mail folders are directly under /var/vmail like
> > this one:
> > /var/vmail/myuser1 at mydomain1.com
> >
> Move or symlink them. Maintenance and migration is a lot easier if you
> use a uniform layout.

again the same. the problem users are distributed among more than
15,000 mailboxes.


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