[Dovecot] Blocked

Jos Chrispijn jos at webrz.net
Fri Dec 8 10:50:43 UTC 2006

Alan Premselaar schreef (08-12-06 3:06):
> if you're blocking their POP3 access, how are those users ever supposed
> to receive that mail notification?
That's simple: i am blocking them on username.
I am blocking johndoe's pop3 session. In Postfix I forward all mail for 
johndoe to johndoe at another.email.adress.com
So johndoe can still receive mail.
> Also, what if it's a brute force bot or something trying to access a
> random blocked account via POP3? (alright, not as likely, but still
> possible)
There you've got a point...
> a more suitable solution would be if there was a way to return an error
> during the authentication process that was returned as a result of
> trying to authenticate to a blocked user.
The text I am sending could be any text, from 'your pop3 box = blocked' 
to '<any errornumber> on your POP3 box'


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