[Dovecot] Pre-rev1 compatibility

Dirk Essl de at floydworld.de
Wed Dec 6 12:05:55 UTC 2006

Hans Werner Strube wrote:
> What about adding some compatibility for pre-rev1 IMAP4 clients which
> are still around (e.g., CDE dtmail, even in Solaris 10)? Especially,
> the understanding of command
>   FETCH message (... RFC822.HEADER.LINES (parameters))
> instead of
>   FETCH message (... BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (parameters)])
> (with correspondingly changed replies) would be desirable and shouldn't
> be too difficult to implement.

Yes, I would appreciate that, I still have some users running dtmail and 
other 'old' mail clients, therefore I cannot migrate these users to the 
new system, and they don't want to use any other client...


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