[Dovecot] Performance Tuning Recommendations for Dovecot

Jack Stewart jstewart at caltech.edu
Mon Dec 4 17:21:58 UTC 2006


I'm wondering if anyone has some performance tuning recommendations for 
Dovecot. We are currently building a series of department e-mail/imap 
servers and we will be replacing our central core in the coming summer. 
The department servers are relatively small 100-200 users and the 
central server is modest - around 7000 accounts. They will be using 
local filesystem or SAN for the backend storage.

So far, enabling hard links seems to be a big win. I'm curious if there 
are others out there that people have found useful.  I am considering 
putting the indexes on memory disks but I haven't scoped out the 
requirements for the central system yet (i.e. it is unclear to me how 
large the index will be for approximately 13 million messages take take 
up roughly 800GB of disk space.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


---Jack Stewart

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