[Dovecot] Deliver Root Setuid

Láďa durchanek at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 17:23:21 UTC 2006

I just configured my Postfix installation to deliver via Dovecot LDA. But
because I use separate uids for virtual domains I had to set deliver to be
setuid root. Altough I find this as frequent answer to this problem with
deliver LDA I am not a 100% sure - basically because I try to avoid root
setuids as much as I can.

What should be better solution - to have all mailboxes with one owner or
this setuid binary?

My main reason for separate uids was filesystem quotas for whole domain. But
my mail partition resides on XFS so I can do the same with directory quotas
and I also noticed changes in quotas which should be also per domain in some
next release or with patch.


Thanks for any advice and also thanks for all great work on Dovecot.



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