[Dovecot] POP3 protection

Jos Chrispijn jos at webrz.net
Sun Dec 3 15:46:00 UTC 2006


 > Okay, Jos is just starting up administering e-mail services. One server,
 > 79 users max ;)

Oke, i got the message; I am a simple home user with an _out_of_hand 
hobby and no commercial squils @ all :-)

 > SQL>update users set pop3 = '0' where username = 'jos at domain.tld';
 > That is faster than
 > cd /some/directory/path
 > vi somefilename
 > add entries
 > restart daemon (perhaps)

You are quite right. But I still have some bad feelings about an extra 
sql database cause if this server is offline, my whole mailsystem is 
down. I fixed my problem with:


It works (thanks Jack and Timo) but now I have another little problem to 
solve (chaos theory lives!)

 > Over to you, Jos.

I hope that my stupid questions still make sense after all <grin>

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