[Dovecot] Marking all messages in folder as read doesn't work

John and Catherine Allen allen at vo.lu
Sun Dec 3 09:07:20 UTC 2006

I'm seeing a new behaviour with my Dovecot setup which has me puzzled.

I have a folder with 47000 spam messages, mostly small. There are 64 unread messages. This 
folder is not receiving new deliveries, it's part of my archive of spam.

If I do "mark folder read", the command appears to work, but a few minutes later there are 
still 64 unread messages. This behaviour has been consistent over many attempts in the 
past week.

The same thing happens with both Thunderbird and Outlook Express, so it seems to be an 
issue at the IMAP server end rather than the mail client. Only this one folder is affected.

Could it be a Dovecot issue, or is there something wrong with my Maildir folders? I've 
looked at the permissions both on the folders and on the message files, and everything 
looks OK. I've also tried deleting the Dovecot indexes etc, but this had no effect.

Dovecot 1.0rc15 on Linux (old Gentoo setup with a kernel)
ext3 filesystem with dir_indexes
Single user system, 500 Mhz Via CPU, 256MB RAM
Mail reader:
Thunderbird, timeout set to 300 seconds
Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180

John Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg
allen at vo.lu

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