[Dovecot] POP3 protection

Jos Chrispijn jos at webrz.net
Sat Dec 2 19:09:46 UTC 2006

Jasper Bryant-Greene schreef (02-12-06 19:58):
> Actually, I'd suggest that forcing people to use a database in this
> instance is a good idea. Have you any idea how terribly the solution you
> proposed will scale? Imagine having 1000 users with that kind of
> configuration file...
Do not agree; this would be only an occasional use of this feature (who 
wants to force 1000 users to IMAP instead of POP3) and there could build 
in an feature in which you could put your 1000 users in:

# -----------------------------------------------------------------
#  Logon processes
#  user = <username>,<password>
# -----------------------------------------------------------------

use_textfile = protected_pop3.txt

with following content:


For something important as mail traffic I wouldn't use SQL at all. If I 
can't open a database (some sort of error), my entire mailfunction is 
limping and I don't like that at all... Sorry, my personal opinion.


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